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Welcome Amazing Parents, Teachers and Coaches,

My passion is help bringing out the best in our young people. Showing them a way to go inward and support themselves so that ultimately they can live their best life.

There are two ways this works best...

  1. You yourself can sign-up for the Beginner's Guide and introduce your child to the ShineOn™ message and Experience. You would use everything as a resource to support you in this conversation with them or
  2. You introduce your child to this work by sharing this site and having them go through the Beginner's Guide themselves.

Either way, thank you for your trust. I'm thrilled to have you here to ShineOn™ with us!

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ShineOn totally helped me but when we were learning it, it was so cringe-y.

Julia, my daughter, in Gr. 5

J.W., Mom

I’ve seen an amazing transformation in my daughter particularly in her attitude about her future. You've changed the trajectory of her life Lucy! Thank you!

I can’t begin to express the deep gratitude I feel for the transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life after learning to ShineOn™, thank you Lucy.

Raya N.

Lucy helped me find the real me and taught me how to love life again.

Rebecca A.