Your child has changed

and not for the better.

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She’s not passionate about what she used to be, her self-esteem is low…
Quite simply, she’s stuck.

The most notable change? The phone glued to her hand 24/7.

Technology has changed. And with it so has our quality of life, social habits and even our brain development.1

ShineOn™ Digital Parenting is a Positive Approach to Managing Our Children’s Relationship with Technology

ShineOn™ Empowers Parents to:
  • Understand our digital world and recognize its potential effect on our kids mental health
  • Free resources, courses and tools to help navigate digital parenting in a safe, fun, proactive way
  • A community of parents sharing and supporting one another to be their best in this new era

A New Conversation is Taking Shape...

This important conversation revolves around internet safety for kids focusing on the effect technology has through games, social media and screen time. ShineOn Digital Parenting is how parents can manage the role technology plays in their child’s life. 

Is your child getting stuck? It’s time to get in on the conversation.

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