You Know Your Child is Great

Help them discover their greatness & reach their full potential

Hi, I’m Lucy!
Creator of the ShineOn™ Method & dedicated to shaping young minds.

ShineOn™ is a fun way for kids and teens to discover and explore their greatness and potential. It stems from a deep commitment to helping all humans connect to their greatness, so they can live passionately, freely and with purpose. Because a purposeful society is a thriving one.


Before the workshops, parent resources, and courses… I was a new mom to my baby boy and girl.

I was a new mom with a baby boy and girl.

After having my kids and returning to my career in advertising, I noticed things had changed...

People were walking, heads down, glued to their mobile phones. At lunchtime, I heard wild conspiracies discovered through Facebook. For some, social media was already beginning to shape reality. Worse, it was influencing decision making.  

Honestly, I worried about my kids - does this worry you too?

“Who am I?”

Marketing felt manipulative. I left and tried a hundred little side hustles. Found jobs, consulted… always feeling like it wasn’t me.

That’s when something happened.

My doctor told me I had  MS. Suddenly, I was reeling with emotions and searching for answers. I was lost. Again in life, faced with a question you may have asked yourself a thousand times:

 “Who am I?”

If this is you, take comfort in knowing:

  • You’re not supposed to be afraid, 
  • You’re not meant to suffer, 
  • You’re meant to live free!

You can choose to thrive through unemployment, major roadblocks and scary social shifts in life.

Life challenges, paired with passion for a bright future for our children was the birth of the ShineOn™ Method.


A BreakThrough Way for Kids & Teens to Discover, Explore & Thrive

ShineOn™ is a self-lead program that helps your child discover and reach their full potential.

Trusted and taught within elementary schools in Ontario, Canada

Helped people of all ages realize their greatness and potential and start taking inspired action 

Been highly acclaimed in private homes, seminars and workshops to proven results


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