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Protect Child Digital Wellness - Top 5 Accounts to Follow

child digital wellness digital parenting parenting parenting tips safe social media use Feb 05, 2021

The ShineOn™ Method is all about working on building out our mental toolbox to have what it takes to really thrive in life. With the amount of time that both ourselves and our children are spending online, child digital wellness has become a top priority for all of us.

ShineOn™ aim’s to help kids and their parents work with technology, as it clearly takes up space in our lives and in our minds. So, why not begin with a place that we're all hanging out online: Instagram

For some time now health professionals have raised concerns about the impact of technology on certain metrics of physical health, particularly sleep, weight and exercise, school functioning, and motor vehicle accidents (MVAs)
Sandra Dejong

Today, we thought we'd share some of our favourite Instagram accounts to help families develop an arsenal of tools to navigate digital wellness for both parents and their children.

1. The Social Dilemma

In this documentary available on Netflix film, Silicon Valley insiders, explain the hidden impact of social media to our children, society, human relationships, politics and more.

Follow them on Instagram in order to get dialled in to what is really going on online. Even better, watch the film to see why the creators of social media tech giants don't allow their own children to use social media (or have cell phones).

On Instagram, The Social Dilemma takes a critical look at social media, it's not all doom and gloom. They share helpful resources on digital wellness, and how to help us all flourish in the digital age.


Cyber Dive is an online tool that helps raise awareness of your kids online activities. The tool allows parents to manage what their children are doing online and what they can access.

As a company, they have very similar values to ShineOn™.  They aim to bring awareness to child mental health, as it correlates with our online lives. They want to empower people to use technology rather than restrict it. We can't think of a better way to sum up child digital wellness than that!

Similar to our own mission, Cyber Dive wants to promote technology as a tool, not just use it as a pastime. They want to spark open conversations about the dangers of online lives between kids and their parents.

Cyber Dive’s Instagram is where they start this important conversation. They talk openly about the negatives and positives of kids on social media. And they share tips and tools on how parents can monitor their kids activities online.

3. Behaved Brain Wellness Center

Follow Behaved Brain for tips that will help you protect and nurture the beautiful brains of both you and your child. 

Behaved Brain Wellness Centre is a family resource center, for healthier kids and happier parents. They have a physical location in New Jersey, but go beyond borders by giving tips on mental health, nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness.

Behaved Brain even has a fun book club for parents that will help them find an online community. If you’re a parent looking for an online community, in a safe and non-judgmental space, you’re also invited to  join our ShineOn™ Family Circle.

4. Big Life Journal

Focused on all the benefits of a growth mindset and Dr. Carol Dweck’s research into this fascinating area of psychology. Big Life Journal makes journals that help kids cultivate a more resilient growth mindset to tackle life. This is the perfect compliment to our work in the ShineOn™Method, as it addresses the first phase that’s focused on our powerful, beautiful minds. 

Their Instagram account is an incredible playground for parents and grown-ups all around. It gives positive reminders and tools for anyone committed to nurturing and supporting happy, confident kids.

Follow Big Life Journal to learn how to start to turn the conversation inward with your kids, so they can develop a stronger, more resilient mindset and way of life. Check them out online at

5. Pathstone Mental Health

Local to my own hometown, Pathstone provides mental health services to youth up to 18 years of age.

They're experts in creating awareness around youth mental health issues. They provide a lifeline to connect local parents and youth with professional mental health support services. Pathstone is available to kids and teens through a toll-free phone number 24/7 that they can call. They connect to kids with counsellors, fundraise and have many local kids bravely championing child mental health initiatives. 

We encourage you to take a moment to search out services like these that may be available in your community. You never know when you or someone you know may need help.

Enjoy following these incredible accounts. They are full of passionate people who are doing great things to advance the need of supporting our young people with child digital wellness.

There, now your ShineOn™ mental toolbox is ramping up! YAY!


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