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What You Can Do Today to Discover Your Greatness & Reach Your Full Potential


Designed to discover and reach your full potential, the ShineOn Method is a series of discovery experiences for the support, development and advancement of young minds.

Everyone gets stuck in life and at times becomes lost. ShineOn is a clarity map, designed to:

  • Illuminate your greatness
  • Help you get clear on purpose
  • Take inspired action forward

Think personal development at all stages of life. From childhood to retirement. Anyone can use ShineOn™ as a clarity map in life.

The ShineOn™ Method
(ages 8-80+)

ShineOn™ is used within schools, private homes and in one-on-one training for:


Get clear on your worth. Develop yourself in areas you didn’t know existed. Discover new skills you didn’t realize you possessed. Remove confusion and obstacles from your path forward as you make your way through difficult decisions in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Sparking Curiosity

Grow your excitement around learning! ShineOn makes choices simple, accessible and visible. Get confident in taking action towards anything you desire.

Confidence Building

Help even the most shy child become a proud and confident individual. Learn to own your choices and break through limiting beliefs. Face mental health struggles head-on. Embrace your future and failures at all stages of life so you can be responsible for your choices and gain the confidence to try new things, opening even more doors for you. 

Help Your Kids Develop the Exact Skills They Need for Success

Achieve Greatness

As you discover greatness, you gain more confidence to try new things. Not only will you start to discover new strengths, you’ll inspire others to achieve greatness alongside you.

Celebrate Individuality

ShineOn™ gives kids a leg-up on their self-discovery. They learn what makes them a unique member of society and become resilient humans. Clarity Mappers report heightened self-esteem and improved knowledge of their special value.

Go After Big Dreams

Open doors and awareness to the skillsets your children don't realize they possess. ShineOn™ Method is particularly useful for teens and young adults who face difficult choices in post-secondary, first jobs and career planning. 

When you know your direction, it's much easier to get where you’re planning to go. ShineOn™ enables you to make tough decisions on things like education and identifying areas you need help to achieve greatness. ShineOn™ highlights the options you can feel confident in making.

How to Help Your Child Rise to the Highest Version of Themselves

Clarity Mappers report ShineOn™ helped them:

  • Gain clarity
  • Get unstuck
  • Become resilient
  • Boost self esteem, confidence, positivity 
  • Find and define purpose
  • Navigate self-discovery
  • Empower kids to make an impact
  • Encourage creativity
  • Get out into the world
  • Raise happy, healthy humans
  • Make choices available and visible
  • Elevate self-awareness
  • Help kids build successful futures
  • Learn to embrace failure
  • Foster independence and decision making
  • Encourage growth, creativity, resilience and potential


The perfect compliment for your ShineOn Experience. Includes our foundational exercises to cultivate a powerful mindset, generate personal clarity and get into aligned action. Over 50 pages of guided content and worksheets gets you focused on your future, developing who you're becoming and building the life of your dreams. BONUS infinite clarity map template and exercise included. 


Parent Questions

The ShineOn™ Playbook is a journal-style experience. It incorporates 3 phases and 14 master questions making up the ShineOn™ Method. It comes with thought exercises for each phase. You can follow along with Lucy's work to gain inspiration, and learn. ShineOn™ is a growth plan for life. Add to your playbook as you grow, progress and change.

When you gift someone a ShineOn™ Experience, you're giving that person permission to dream. You'll know it's working when the Clarity Mapper can’t stop talking about how they view their future selves. You’ll notice they’ve become more confident and aware of themselves, future-minded and motivated.

Any ShineOn™ Experience is designed to support processing of where you're at in life. One day you may only engage in a 5-minute check-in. Other days, it can be an hour or more. ShineOn™ is self-paced and always there for you when you need it. Clarity Map your life again and again.


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