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Why just wing-it when you can ShineOn™ Visionfest it?!?

Check out the 3-Part Party to unlock your dreams and strutt your way into 2022 in style!

Spoiler alert: It's amazing.

People say that my ShineOn™ Method has the power to change the trajectory of their lives! Imagine mixing all that awesomeness in with the power of vision boards all while keeping things light, bright and fun!

This is an experience like no other. If you’ve ever wondered what a vision board can do for you and your family (especially those teens and young adults) this party is for you.

We will go over everything and the ONE critical factor that will activate your board for success.

This isn’t about clipping pretty things you want to have in 2022 it’s about SO MUCH MORE!

HINT: Time to think more activation and less acquisition!

This is about training yourself to be future-focused.

We’ll be using the ShineOn™ framework to learn about ourselves at a deeper level so that we’re clear and aligned with our goals.

A vision activation board is one of the most empowering things you can make to support yourself all year long.

I can’t wait to guide you as you create this powerful tool. Remember this can be for you and your family. You can include your kids, teens and young-adults alike.

Together we’re going to intentionally make sure 2022 is our best year yet!

This experience is designed for your whole family. Imagine where you'll be next year looking at all the things you all focused on and made real. It's time for your family to dream up a year and a life you'll love!?!

This is fun that's impactful!

After you sign up you will instantly be sent a link to the 90 minute experience. Then you will be set free to create with some very special homework.

When you're ready you put it all together. You will LOVE that you have created your very own vision tool be it a vision board like a poster, booklet or something digital like a slideshow you save on your phone. 


Yay 2022!